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About CDS

Custom Design Software was formed in 1990. At that time, CDS provided an array of desktop software solutions for law enforcement agencies and other businesses. Many of those desktop applications are still in use today and have served our clients well. Even though we continue to support those desktop applications, we have moved more into the business of web development. Since 2006, we have been involved with many aspects of web development from concept to creation.

We develop our web-based applications using the popular LAMP web development platform (Short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). LAMP has become a de facto development standard. Today, the products that make up the LAMP development platform are included by default in nearly all Linux distributions, and together they make a powerful web application platform.

The most important point we try to convey to our potential clients is that we provide personal service and truly custom solutions based on your concept and budget. We do not "farm" our work out to overseas development firms. You will not have to go through hoops just to contact us. We listen and actually answer our phone. We'll work with you from your concept and actually explain the process and give you suggestions if we feel it will help your goals. It's in our best interest to see you succeed.

From working with clients that already have web sites, we have learned quite a few things about the competition. Many of the other guys will only do enough to get the job done so they can expand their bottom line and then charge you more when you ask for any changes. The disturbing part is that many changes we hear about could have been avoided if you, the customer, received great communication and service from the beginning. We prefer the idea of getting it right the first time around so no changes are needed, you are satisfied with the end product, and you recommend us to your friends, colleagues, and others. We feel this forethought about your future is what helps us stand apart from the rest.

Of course, our technical knowledge and design conventions also make us unique. Like any artist or designer, from one to the next, it's usually easy to tell one apart from the other. We conform to the ideals of clean design, user friendliness, eye appeal, performance, functionality, compatibility, and attention to detail that you should expect from your web development company.

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