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Our Website Design Philosophy

Every Web design firm or designer has a philosophy when it comes to their work, and Custom Design Software is no exception. We have a set of basic principles that guide us through the process of designing and developing Web sites for our clients. We believe these principles serve us, and our clients, well today and will continue to do so in the future.

Our Guiding Principles

Create web sites that are an extension of the existing identity of an organization or business.

Make it easy to navigate:
All Web sites should have logical, concise, clear navigation. We suspect not following this simple rule is what dooms most Web sites. Web designers forget a very important thing: If people can't find what they're looking for, they won't come back.

Make it look great, but avoid clutter:
A Web site should look great and unique to each client, but cluttering it up with lots of glitzy Web bling (animations, java applets, Flash graphics, etc.) isn't a good idea. It's too easy for the purpose and/or message of a site to get lost in the shuffle. It also adds unnecessary load time to the site and could affect your SEO in a negative manner.

Make it function smoothly, but keep the code lean:
A Web site should function as designed, but the code that runs it should be as lean and clean as possible to keep page sizes down and load times fast. To that end, HTML-generating software should be avoided in favor of hand coding to curb code bloat. We hand code all of our sites.

Make it fast:
Speed is still everything on the Internet and Web designers should crunch load times down to the bare minimum through streamlined use and size of graphics and lean code. Many people out there are still on dialup!

Make it compatible:
There is more than one Web browser and operating system in use on the planet and it is wise to make a Web site function properly and look correctly in as many as possible. You never know who is looking!

Design & build with search engines in mind:
Search Engine Optimization techniques should be applied in the architecture and structure of the site from the outset and factored into the initial cost estimate, not considered an afterthought or add-on service. This will ultimately save the client time and money that would be better spent on premium services such as content development, keyword/keyword phrase research and analysis, and marketing and promotion efforts.

Design with the future in mind:
A Web site should be designed with expandability and adaptability in mind, with the goal of increasing the site's structural longevity and making future changes and enhancements easy to enact and cost-effective for the client.

Embrace Web Standards:
Adherence to Web Standards enables a designer to follow and enact the guidelines and principles above. The designer MUST keep abreast of standards and compliance by major browsers and strike a balance between each to the client's benefit.

Make it affordable and the design process enjoyable:
Affordable doesn't mean substandard. Work within the client's budget to meet their needs with the highest level of quality. Do not inflate costs to increase the bottom line. Treat the client with respect and dignity and make the design process as enjoyable as possible. A happy client is an invaluable asset!

Provide quality service after the sale:
After designing and launching a Web site, stand ready to assist the client with maintenance and updates to their site in a timely manner, and provide them an affordable way to do so.

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