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Custom Design Software provides an array of Internet and business services. From developing your web presence to branding your company image using other media, we can help.

There are many aspects to developing a website you may not know about, understand, or have the time to deal with. You have domain names, DNS, hosting services, your website concept, design, development, marketing, and all the details in between to consider. This is where we come in to explain each step and give you the options and knowledge to make informed decisions to put your best foot forward.

Before you decide to give your friend the job to do your website because it's cheap or they'll do it for free, you should ask yourself if they really understand how the process works and what you will end up with. Do they understand what simple terms like SEO means or how to implement the basic conventions? Will they even care?

Available Services - Web Development and Graphic Design

Website Concept - Consultation and Development
Need help with your website concept? We can help you decide on what direction you may want to go based on your type of business. We can help you answer some of the basic questions: Who is your target audience? What is it that you want to accomplish with your website? Who are your competitors?

Website Design - Consultation and Development
We can assist you with the design our your new website. We will take your concept and suggestions and come up with our own idea of what we think we'll work for you as a design and layout. Of course, if you already have your design and layout ready to go, we can take that information and make it a reality.

Website Functionality - Programming, Development, Databases
Once you have your design in place, one of the next steps is making your site functional. From a simple contact form to an integrated credit card processing system, we can build the functionality to your specifications. Functionality is not just limited to what your visitors see. You may also need the ability to update your own site dynamically, keep track of customers, users, or retrieve specific data from a database. We can provide you with just about any functionality you may require.

Website Promotion - Internet Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Consultation
Even the best looking websites are of little use without effective marketing. There are many facets to Internet marketing and we can help provide you with the options available and assist you with getting your marketing campaign off the ground.

Graphic Design - Layout Mock-ups
Maybe you already have a web developer or just need a layout idea for your website. We can provide you with design and layout ideas that you can take to your developer for future use. Having a mock-up done first is a cost effective method of finalizing your layout before beginning with the actual programming. Our final mock-up will come to you as a multiple layer Photoshop image that a developer can use to convert the layout image to an actual website page. During the preview process you will be sent JPG images that you can easily open in most image viewing software applications.

Graphic Design - Logos and Business Cards
We can help you create or re-create your logo or business card. We understand the process and requirements for both so they will look good online, in print, and on video.

Graphic Design - Embroidery, Print, Video
Do you need embroidered t-shirts, polos, or dress shirts made to promote your product or service? How about a flier or video production? In addition to our web development services, we have also dealt with many aspects of non-Internet related marketing and can assist you with the set up and implementation of your other marketing goals.
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